Chef Luciano Canova was born in 1949, on a small farm just outside of Rome, Italy. Chef Luciano grew up with his parents & grandparents where good food was always been the staple that kept his family together. His passion for food was instilled in him as a small child in his home, and led him to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of Italy. After graduating, Luciano worked all around the world perfecting his craft in places like Switzerland, Germany and on a luxury cruise line. Luciano’s passion has always been for food and people, and he always dreamed of opening an authentic Italian Trattoria after moving to the United States. The concept & experience at Trattoria Romana were designed to offer a comfortable dining experience with moderate prices, similar to Luciano’s favorite Trattorias in Italy. Combining old-world Italian preparations with gracious service from our attentive staff has allowed Trattoria Romana to create a truly unique dining experience that keeps bringing customers back. Enjoy homemade Italian food cooked with only the finest & freshest local ingredients while dining among our beautiful decor & murals and feel transported to Italy. At Trattoria Romana in Tiverton you will occasionally see Luciano in the dining room, greeting customers & keeping a watchful eye on things. Much to his delight, he is still called upon to help in the kitchen on occasion. The entire team at Trattoria Romana is truly passionate about providing our guests with great food and a great experience. We appreciate every opportunity to host our guests, whether you are a regular customer or a visitor seeking an authentic Italian restaurant experience.

Please note, Trattoria Romana gift cards purchased at any other Trattoria Romana location other than Tiverton Casino Hotel are currently NOT accepted in Tiverton. Gift cards purchased at the Tiverton location are only accepted at Trattoria Romana Tiverton and cannot be used in any other Trattoria Romana locations. We apologize for any inconvenience.